Strengthening justice and accountability for international crimes in Nigeria

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Wayamo is helping to ensure that genuine investigations and prosecutions are led by Nigeria, and implemented in Nigeria. In doing so, Wayamo is breathing life into the principle of complementarity.

Abuja training workshops with civil and military investigators and prosecutors

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Over the course of the week from 29 November to 3 December 2021, the Wayamo Foundation held two different workshops in Abuja, both in their respective ways linked to the need to address international crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC). 

Prosecutors of the Complex Casework Group in the Nigerian Ministry of Justice about Wayamo’s impact

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We asked prosecutors belonging to the Complex Casework Group in the Nigerian Ministry of Justice what they had learnt in our capacity building workshops, what the impact had been, and how it had affected their work.

Nigeria’s justice sector challenged by Boko Haram insurgency

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Anietie Ewang is a researcher at the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch. In this video she describes the challenging security situation in Nigeria and shares her thoughts on how the prosecution of terrorism-related crimes in the country can be improved.

Investigation and prosecution of international crimes to end impunity

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Akingbolahan Adeniran is the former rule of law adviser to the vice president of Nigeria and the current attorney general and commissioner for justice of Ogun State in Nigeria. In this interview he addresses issues of International Criminal Justice, and challenges both political and systemic to its investigation and prosecution in the country.

Get to know the Wayamo Foundation

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Wayamo is an independent and non-profit organisation that works to achieve justice for mass atrocity crimes. But what does it mean? Wayamo strengthens the capacity of investigators, prosecutors and judges around the world, equipping them with the tools to investigate and prosecute international crimes in their domestic systems, advocating transparency and accountability, training journalists to report accurately and responsibly on …

Justice Talks: ASP 2019 – Side Event

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ASP 2019: It’s About Time – Revisiting the Timing and Duration of Decision-Making at the International Criminal Court On 3 December 2019, the Wayamo Foundation held its yearly side event at the Assembly of States Parties of the International Criminal Court. Entitled ‘It’s About Time – Revisiting the Timing and Duration of Decision-Making at the ICC‘, the panel featured: Christian …