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Wayamo gGmbH is a non-profit organisation under German law. Its legal form is a registered charitable gGmbH (gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung). This status is granted by the German tax authorities to organisations whose sole purpose is to contribute to the common good. 

You can donate through PayPal below:

To donate via bank transfer, please use the following bank account details: 

Wawaymo gGmbH
Rietzestr. 21
10409 Berlin

IBAN: DE38 1004 0000 0233 5503 00

Please provide your name and email address or contact us via [email protected] when you send a transfer so we can send you a donation receipt and fulfil our reporting requirements.e

Your donation to Wayamo

Every donation to Wayamo helps us to: 

  • Train judges, prosecutors, investigators and journalists. In the past 11 years, Wayamo has trained over 1,000 experts in 15 countries.
  • Build the capacity of national judicial systems. Wayamo has worked across Africa, Asia and Europe and continues to work across East Africa and in Nigeria. 
  • Advocate transparency and accountability, often in post-conflict settings. Every Wayamo project has been open and transparent, building trust and accountability where it is most needed. 
  • Facilitate and support dialogue between civil society and government leaders. Since its founding every Wayamo project has built bridges between journalists, civil society groups and judicial systems.  
  • Create networks of the highest-ranking investigators and prosecutors to combat international and transnational organised crimes. For example, Wayamo recently launched a network of directors of public prosecution and heads of criminal investigation departments in East Africa. 

Since 2010 Wayamo has trained over 400 prosecutors and investigators in 9 post-conflict countries
Wayamo's community engagement
Wayamo empowers professional women.
Wayamo works alongside global experts to promote justice and accountability in Africa.