Justice and accountability in Nigeria

Capacity building for civil and military prosecutors in the investigation and prosecution of international and transnational crimes

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International Justice Day 2020

Voices for International Justice: a video gallery featuring a prestigious cross-section of justice luminaries from around the world

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Justice in West Africa

An online resource platform of accountability efforts for international crimes

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The Special Criminal Court in the Central African Republic

A capacity-building programme for the newly appointed members of the Special Criminal Court

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Precarity or Prosperity: African perspectives

African perspectives on the future of the International Criminal Court

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Fighting impunity and ensuring accountability in East Africa

Strengthening the rule of law and the capacity to deal effectively with complex and transborder crimes

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The Hybrid Justice Project

The Hybrid Justice project analyses the impact of ‘hybrid’ domestic-international criminal justice mechanisms in post-conflict and transitioning states.

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International and Organised Crimes Division (IOCD) Of The Kenyan High Court

Support for the International and Organised Crimes Division (IOCD) of the Kenyan High Court

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International Conferences

Judicial Capacity Building

Journalism Training