Third workshop for the Serious Crimes Response Team

Elise Carreau

The goal of this third SCRT workshop is to build on the discussions held, and explore the next practical steps to be taken to ensure that the idea of creating a SCRT takes shape and eventually becomes functional and operational. The SCRT is intended to be a highly specialised unit of military investigators and prosecutors from all three Services, who will be specifically trained to investigate and prosecute serious crimes that have allegedly been committed by the Armed Forces, and potentially fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Prosecutors of the Complex Casework Group in the Nigerian Ministry of Justice about Wayamo’s impact

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We asked prosecutors belonging to the Complex Casework Group in the Nigerian Ministry of Justice what they had learnt in our capacity building workshops, what the impact had been, and how it had affected their work.

Nigeria’s justice sector challenged by Boko Haram insurgency

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Anietie Ewang is a researcher at the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch. In this video she describes the challenging security situation in Nigeria and shares her thoughts on how the prosecution of terrorism-related crimes in the country can be improved.