International Symposium: “Fighting Impunity in East Africa – Ensuring accountability for international and transnational organised crimes”

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Arusha played host to an international symposium at the Mount Meru Hotel on 6 June 2017. The symposium aimed at exploring the current state of international criminal justice, its links with transnational organised crime, and national and regional efforts to deal with these crimes across East Africa. The event welcomed some 80 experts on international and transnational criminal law, academics, legal practitioners, the media and civil society organisations from across Africa and other parts of the world. As part of the project’s launch activities, the Wayamo Foundation facilitated the first network meeting of Directors of Public Prosecution and Heads of Criminal Investigation Departments, as well as a two-day training session for prosecutors and investigators.

International Symposium: “Judicial Independence — A Foundation for Combatting International and Transnational Crime”

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On 7 August, Arusha played host to an international symposium at the Mount Meru Hotel, aimed at exploring: judicial independence, integrity and ethics in the fight against international and transnational crime; case studies on the role of the judiciary in addressing human trafficking and corruption; and the relationship between domestic, regional, and international courts in combatting serious crimes. The symposium was followed by a one-day retreat on 8 August, attended by fifteen judges from national, regional, and international courts.

International Symposium in Kigali: “Fighting Impunity in East Africa”

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Over a three-day period from 20 to 22 November 2017, Kigali, Rwanda, played host to the latest in the Wayamo Foundation’s series of East African international justice conferences aimed at exploring the current state of international criminal justice, its links with transnational organised crime, and national and regional efforts to deal with these crimes. The event was held thanks to the unstinting collaboration of the Rwandan Ministry of Justice and the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office.

Army Prosecutors Undergo Training to Tackle Complex Crimes

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About 20 Nigerian Army Prosecutors have undergone a three-day training with an objective to address their capacity to address serious and complex crimes under Nigerian criminal law, including those crimes that potentially fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. By Solomon Elusoji and Sarah Agbamuche.

International Justice Symposium : “Networks of Accountability: Justice for International and Transnational Organized Crimes”

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In February and March of this year, the Wayamo Foundation concluded a series of five key events (two meetings and three activities) in so many days in Nairobi, Kenya, as part of its “Fighting Impunity in East Africa” project, an initiative funded by the German Foreign Ministry. The stated objectives of the Symposium were to discuss the status of international criminal justice, analyse transnational organised crimes, and explore the linkages between the two sets of crimes.

Capacity building workshop and Joan Kagezi Memorial Lecture

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On 13 April, Wayamo Foundation Director Bettina Ambach and Deputy Director Mark Kersten participated in the third annual Joan Kagezi Memorial Lecture on the theme of “Combating International and Transnational Organised Crime: Lessons Learnt and Best Practices”. The Wayamo Foundation had the privilege of co-organising the event with its partners in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The event celebrated the life of Joan Kagezi, a senior prosecutor in Uganda’s International Crimes Division, who was assassinated in March 2015.

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Coverage of June workshop in Nigeria by Lagos Television

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Lagos Television : from 28-30 June, Wayamo organised a capacity-building workshop for military investigators and prosecutors on ‘STRENGTHENING JUSTICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN NIGERIA’ at the Southern Sun Hotel Ikoyi in Lagos.

Wayamo working shoulder to shoulder with Nigeria

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Abuja hosts capacity building for military and civil investigators and prosecutors to address serious crimes under Nigerian criminal law. The three-day workshop (21-23 May) is organised by the Wayamo Foundation and the International Nuremberg Principles Academy.

East Africa Project: Network Meeting, Symposium and Training Workshop

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Fighting impunity and ensuring accountability through fostering and facilitating networks, building capacity to enable domestic systems to address international and transnational crimes, holding international symposia, and engaging with the mass media. To hold the sixth round of its “Fighting Impunity in East Africa” project, the Wayamo Foundation returned to where it had all begun…Arusha, Tanzania.  Here, in the shadow of …