Second Kisumu Forum on Accountability and Justice

kotarski Kenya’s International and Organised Crimes Division, Public Debates and Town Hall Meetings

Following the announcement by the Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya of his intention to establish an International and Organised Crimes Division of the Kenyan High Court, there has been varied discussion as to what form this division will take, and questions have arisen as to its jurisdiction, independence and nature. The Wayamo Foundation organised a forum for law students and leading members of the legal community from Kisumu to discuss the IOCD and how to improve access to justice in the community. This was Wayamo’s second forum in Kisumu, after another community forum held in October 2014 for leading civil society groups.


Master of Ceremonies:

  • Joseph Roberts-Mensah, Africa Director, Wayamo Foundation


  • Bobby Mkangi, Independent Legal Consultant
  • Richard Onsongo, Chairman, West Kenya Law Society
  • Lynette Omollo, Lecturer, University of Nairobi
  • Mokaya Orina, Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and Lecturer at Moi University


All photos by Kris Kotarski, Wayamo.