Nairobi Workshop on Crimes Against Humanity

kotarski Judicial Capacity Building, Kenya’s International and Organised Crimes Division

On 20-22 November, the Wayamo Foundation hosted an interagency training workshop for Kenya’s Criminal Investigations Division and the office of the Department of Public Prosecutions. The workshop, which featured a representative of the Nigerian Attorney General‘s Chambers in the Lagos State Ministry of Justice and a former International Criminal Court investigator, focused on investigating and building complex cases, working up the chain of command, chain of custody and collaboration with neighbouring countries.

Topics covered at the workshop included:

  • An Introduction to Crimes against Humanity
  • An In-­depth Look at the Elements of Crimes against Humanity
  • Phases in the Investigation of Crimes against Humanity
  • When Does a Crime Become a Crime against Humanity?
  • Modes of Liability under the International Crimes Act
  • The Role of Prosecution in the Investigation of Crimes Against Humanity
  • Planning an Investigation in a Joint Team
  • Linking High-­Level Suspects to Crimes against Humanity
  • Basic Evidential Issues at Trial
  • The Statement-­Taking Process

Click here for photos (by Kris Kotarski, Wayamo)