Nairobi Workshop on Best Practices in Investigation and Prosecution of International Crimes

kotarski Judicial Capacity Building, Kenya’s International and Organised Crimes Division

On 27 April 2015, the Wayamo Foundation facilitated discussions in Nairobi on the Compendium of Best Practices in Investigation and Prosecution of International Crimes and its local application. Workshop participants included international prosecutors, investigators and witness protection experts. WORKSHOP PROGRAMME.

Topics and Objectives:

  • To discuss how to use the „Compendium of Best Practices in Investigations and Prosecution of International Crimes“ in national prosecution units
  • To identify the chapters of the Compendium which might be of interest to national prosecutors engaged in using their domesticated Rome Statute, such as the “International Crimes Act”, to investigate and prosecute international crimes
  • To discuss the challenges of witness protection (that is, base-line assessments and the necessity of witness protection from the outset of an investigation up to prosecution and trial)
  • To endeavour to „nationalise“ the Compendium; for instance, by drawing up an expansion of the Compendium based on lessons learnt and experiences of national prosecutors (adding experience gained at the national level to international experience)
  • To draw up training modules for relevant, previously identified chapters (for example, joint investigation teams, witness protection, analysis-driven investigations, linkage evidence, evidence analysis and management, and trial preparations)
    Photo by Muthoni Njuki, Wayamo.