Capacity building for civil society and the justice sector in Sudan

Elise Carreau Judicial Capacity Building

Transitional justice measures are a key pillar in building a solid foundation for states, based on the rule of law. Developing the capacity of the legal community, civil society and the media is an important step towards addressing the accountability challenges facing Sudan and advancing the transitional justice agenda.

Wayamo’s project in Sudan aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society and legal actors as they participate in the transitional justice process. Individuals will be trained in international criminal law, international humanitarian law and human rights, and will be given the knowledge required to effectively handle serious-crime cases that come before the courts. The project seeks to enhance understanding of international criminal justice processes and the primacy of the Sudanese legal system as the courts of first instance.

The project further seeks to encourage collaboration and information-sharing between Khartoum and Darfur-based civil society actors. Through the building of these networks, Wayamo will create the space for the two groups to meet, and empower them in their joint demand for justice and accountability in a rule-of-law-based society. 

In addition, media workshops will be held with Khartoum-based and Darfuri media organisations, with the objective of strengthening reporting skills and building their knowledge about critical justice-related issues. We believe that well-trained journalists and informed citizens able to take a fuller participatory role in their countries’ democratic processes are key to enhancing local ownership of justice and accountability.

Project activities, such as capacity-building workshops, train-the-trainers modules and stakeholder engagements, will take place throughout 2022-2024.

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