Capacity building for civil society and the justice sector in Sudan

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Transitional justice measures are a key pillar in building a solid foundation for states, based on the rule of law. Developing the capacity of the legal community, civil society and the media is an important step towards addressing the accountability challenges facing Sudan and advancing the transitional justice agenda. Wayamo’s project aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society and legal actors in Sudan as they participate in the transitional justice process.

International Justice Day 2022: Time for ICC to flip the script

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On International Justice Day, Mohamed Othman Chande and Mark Kersten highlight the importance for the ICC to use the lessons learned in Ukraine to help deliver justice in Africa. 

Exploring complementary avenues for justice and accountability in Sudan

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Within the framework of its “Capacity building for civil society and the justice sector in Sudan” project, the Wayamo Foundation organised a mission to Khartoum from 8 to 15 September 2022.