Michael David Benedict

  • Born 23 August 1946 in Winchester, England.
  • Rapporteur and Chief Documentation Editor for the Wayamo Foundation.
  • University studies at Universities of Cape Town (South Africa) and Leeds, (England). Bachelor of Arts (Law and Economics) and Bachelor of Law (Honours).
  • 1969-1972: Clifford, Turner and Co. (Solicitors), London (England). Solicitor at Law for England, Wales and N. Ireland.
  • 1973-1991: Language teaching at Bénédict School, Guayaquil (Ecuador), International House, Buenos Aires (Argentina) and English for Executives, Madrid (Spain).
  • 1992-present: Co-Director, Verbatim Traductores translation agency, Madrid, (Spain).
  • Languages: English and Spanish.

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