The Rohingya crisis – how did it happen, and what can we do?

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The Rohingya crisis – how did it happen, and what can we do?
14 December

Bloor – 1st floor Boardroom/Round Room/Library, 315 Bloor St. West
Munk School of Global Affairs

There have been numerous reports that genocide and ethnic cleansing have been committed against the Rohingya people by Burmese security forces. How did Myanmar, a country that seemed to show such promise and potential, end up committing this genocidal campaign against the Rohingya and what responses are available to achieve justice and accountability for the victims and survivors of these crimes?

A panel of experts will seek to answer these questions on 14 December 2018. The event features Canadian Special Envoy to Myanmar Bob Rae, in conversation with Kate Cronin-Furman (University College London), Fannie Lafontaine (Laval University), Sebastiaan Verelst (United Nations), Jacques Bertrand (Munk School, University of Toronto), and Mark Kersten (Munk School, University of Toronto).

The event is organized by Mark Kersten (Munk School) and Martin Mennecke (University of Southern Denmark) and made possible by the support of the University of Southern Denmark, the Canadian Partnership for International Justice, and the Wayamo Foundation.

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