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Wayamo Foundation Documentary – The Crime of Aggression: From Nuremberg to Manhattan

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Wayamo Foundation documentary:
From Nuremberg in 1945 through Tokyo, Rome, The Hague and Kampala, this film tracks the legal and moral debate more than seven decades in the making.

History was made in December 2017 at the UN headquarters in New York when the States Parties of the International Criminal Court agreed to activate the court’s jurisdiction over the Crime of Aggression.

In July 2018, 20 years to the day when the 1998 Rome Statute established the first permanent independent international criminal court in history, the ICC will have jurisdiction to hold national leaders accountable for the illegal use of force against other states, in addition to genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

But, achieving consensus on the international legal definition of the crime and the diplomatic agreement to give the ICC jurisdiction was a long and complex process, filled with diplomatic breakthroughs and painful compromises.

Produced by:
The Wayamo Foundation with the generous support from The Global Institute for the Prevention of Aggression.

Producer: Bettina Ambach
Executive Producer: Kris Kotarski
Editor: Matt Rhodes
Camera (Senegal): Matt Rhodes
Camera (Slovenia): Kris Kotarski
Script: Kris Kotarski
Narration: Joseph Roberts-Mensah

Footage provided by:
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Photography provided by:
The Coalition for the International Criminal Court
CICC/Harrison Davis
Mikhail Evstafiev
Gazette Botswana
International Law Commission
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