Launch of the Dakar Guidelines

Julio Ottaviano International Conferences, News and Events

After two years of work and research, the lead authors and drafting team launched the Dakar Guidelines on 23 July 2019.  The goal of the Guidelines is to provide a reference guide on the establishment of hybrid courts. As such, the Dakar Guidelines do not represent a roadmap, nor are they a best practices manual. Rather, the Guidelines offer national, regional, …

10 -11 July 2017: Training of members of the Special Criminal Court and Hybrid Tribunal Meeting, Dakar

Elise Carreau Judicial Capacity Building, News and Events

As a continuation of its ongoing commitment to justice and accountability across the continent, the Wayamo Foundation and the AGJA convened two additional events following its two-day public symposium.

7-8 July 2017: International Symposium “Changing the Narrative – From Withdrawal to Constructive Engagement”, Dakar

Elise Carreau Judicial Capacity Building, News and Events

On 7 and 8 July, the Africa Group for Justice and Accountability (AGJA) and the Wayamo Foundation, with the financial support of the FORD Foundation, welcomed participants to the international symposium on International Criminal Justice, at the Terrou-Bi Hotel in Dakar.