Justice Talks: Akingbolahan Adeniran, Rule of Law Advisor to the Vice President of Nigeria

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Akingbolahan Adeniran, Rule of Law Advisor to the Vice President of Nigeria, speaks to Wayamo Foundation’s Angela Mudukuti about the International Criminal Court’s decision to investigate Afghanistan and perceptions of anti-African bias by the Hague-based court.

Adeniran argues that the prosecution is an important marker for the general population but that African leaders have always known that the ICC is not targeting African states as many African states have referred cases to the ICC themselves. He also discusses local challenges in prosecuting international crimes noting cross-agency efforts to investigate and prosecute crimes in Nigeria.

On 21 November 2017, the Wayamo Foundation hosted an International Symposium on the theme, “International Crimes, Domestic Justice – Accountability and Capacity Building in East Africa” in Kigali, Rwanda, where Akingbolahan Adeniran was a participant.

Justice Talks are a series of interviews about justice and accountability in Africa and beyond, featuring experts and leaders from the fields of human rights, international criminal law, politics and civil society.

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