International and Organised Crimes Division (ICD) of the Kenyan High Court


The IOCD is to have jurisdiction over international crimes as defined by the Rome Statute and the Kenyan International Crimes Act (for example, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide) The IOCD will also handle transnational crimes, such as organised crime, piracy, terrorism, wildlife crimes, cybercrime, human trafficking, money-laundering and counterfeiting.  

Violence related to or arising out of elections, such as looting and incitement to violence, and ethnic and communal violence will also come under the new Court’s jurisdiction.

The IOCD is a clear starting point for a process of change. With crime inexorably becoming more complex, more international and more serious, the Kenyan judicial system needs  well-trained and well-equipped structures that are able to respond to this challenge.

Wayamo, supported by start-up funds from the German Foreign Ministry, is assisting this process by:

  • Providing training and capacity building services to relevant staff within the Kenyan Judiciary, the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, and the Office of Criminal Investigations in anticipation of their roles as judges, prosecutors, investigators, and administrators with the new division. 
  • Supporting continuous dialogue with civil society groups and local communities and responsible media coverage to assure accountability and meaningful public participation in the planning of the IOCD.