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On 13 April, Wayamo Foundation Director Bettina Ambach and Deputy Director Mark Kersten participated in the third annual Joan Kagezi Memorial Lecture on the theme of “Combating International and Transnational Organised Crime: Lessons Learnt and Best Practices”. The Wayamo Foundation had the privilege of co-organising the event with its partners in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. The event celebrated the life of Joan Kagezi, a senior prosecutor in Uganda’s International Crimes Division, who was assassinated in March 2015.

A reason for organising this Memorial Lecture is to immortalise the memory of Joan so that her death does not bring an end to what she fought for. We are all here to say that it is not okay to kill a human being. We are here to say it is not okay to kill a mother in front of her children and to say it is not okay to kill a prosecutor or a law enforcement officer. And it is definitely not okay to kill one of us and expect that it will be business as usual. It is not okay and it cannot and will not be business as usual until the perpetrators and the killers of Joan Kagezi are apprehended, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to serve sentences as prescribed by law. Until then, it is not okay“, Mike Chibita, Director of Public Prosecutions, Uganda.

The Wayamo Foundation and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions of Uganda, are proud to present the 3rd Annual Joan Kagezi Memorial Lecture Report: “Combating international and transnational organised crime: Lessons learnt and best practices”

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