2019 Annual Report

Elise Carreau News and Events, News and Events AGJA

2019 was a busy and productive year for the Wayamo Foundation. Over twelve months, Wayamo’s public profile grew with the carrying out of four major events in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and The Netherlands respectively. In all, over 637 participants attended Wayamo events in 2019.

In 2020, Wayamo will continue to promote justice and accountability through its capacity-building programmes in Nigeria and East Africa, working with governments, civil society and media in line with its longstanding commitment to foster constructive engagement and compromise. Wayamo believes that strengthening domestic judicial capacity to address international and transnational organised crime is one of the most effective ways to fight impunity.

We are most grateful to all our partners and donors for their untiring and generous support, and hope that we can make a contribution, no matter how modest, to ensuring that justice is done.

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