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Workshop with members of the Complex Casework Group

From 9 to 11 August 2021, the Wayamo Foundation held a workshop on the creation of an electronic case-file database within Nigeria’s Complex Casework Group (CCG), covering aspects ranging from the case-filing system to a purpose-designed ICC criminality assessment form and optimal use of Intella software. The workshop in Epe, Lagos followed a hybrid model, with CCG members and local experts attending in person, and international experts joining the event via Zoom.

Workshop for Nigerian prosecutors and investigators to enhance interagency collaboration to bring the electronic case-file database to fruition


The workshop brought together prosecutors from the Complex Casework Group (CCG) and investigators from the Joint Investigation Centre and 7 Military Investigations Bureau, as a practical step aimed at “enhancing interagency collaboration to bring the electronic case-file database for terrorism files to fruition”. In order for this newly created database and its case- and evidence-management software to attain their combined potential, investigators and prosecutors need to collaborate from the earliest stages of an investigation. This database will also serve to build more complex cases which may address international crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the ICC.

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