7 and 8 June 2017: training of investigators and prosecutors

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As part of the International Symposium organised on 6 June in Arusha, the Wayamo Foundation organised a two-day training for investigators and prosecutors from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The overall aim of this and future training courses is to improve local competency to address core international crimes and transnational organised crime domestically. This model has been purpose-designed to put the complementarity principle into practice, while simultaneously fostering synergies between the international criminal justice community and national legal actors.

Sixteen investigators and prosecutors from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda received training in the investigation and prosecution of international and transnational crimes (with special sessions on cybercrime, financial crimes, including the “Anti-money laundering task force”, and asset recovery). Thanks to the training and experiences shared in this first session, the 16 participants reported that they had gained knowledge and skills which they now planned to use in their professional lives to prosecute and investigate international crimes and transnational organised crime. The Wayamo Foundation is planning to hold a second workshop in 2017 and another four in 2018, to build on this experience and further develop the participants’ skills base.


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